The Adoption Curve: A Test

Answer each question as yes or no:


Do you know the job title of the person with the pain?

Is solving this problem one of their 3 top priorities?

Does their compensation depend on solving the problem?


Is the person who owns the budget the same as the person who feels the pain?

Have budget dollars already been allocated?


Does your solution outperform all likely competitors?

Does your solution fit in the allocated budget?

Can you quantify the results?


Do you offer a complete solution (not just a toolkit or platform)?

Can onboarding be completed without integration or customization services?

Give yourself one point for each "yes." Maximum score = 10 points


7-10 points: Rapid adoption is likely so long as the sales process is supported by a good go-to-market strategy.

4-6 points: Adoption may be sluggish. Check areas where "no's" can be moved to "yes" through product or strategy changes.

0-3 points: Adoption is likely to be slow. Be sure your operating plan allows for this. A more targeted product offering may help accelerate your plan.