Startups today have tools and technologies to keep them leaner and more efficient than ever before. Yet accessing the resources, connections, and guidance of top-tier venture capital still typically carries the requirement that founders accept large amounts of invested capital from their venture investors when building their companies. For many companies, that may mean taking more capital than they really need.

We’ve turned all that on its head. Aligned Partners offers our portfolio companies world-class venture capital expertise while enabling founders to start lean and stay lean all the way through their growth. We do this through a committed philosophy of alignment with our entrepreneurs.

Each of our partners has more than two decades of venture capital investment experience. We've founded companies ourselves. We understand how to help founders achieve their dreams, from start to exit.

We encourage our companies to stay as capital-efficient as possible throughout their lifecycle. Keeping capital requirements low lets startups keep their degrees of freedom high and allows founders and employees to retain a much higher ownership of their own company.

With over $100 million in capital across three funds, Aligned Partners serves our entrepreneurs with commitment, discipline, and focus.