Everything we do at Aligned Partners centers around enabling great outcomes for our founders and investors. To do so, we have crafted an investment approach that uniquely serves the needs of capital-efficient companies. In particular, we believe that:

  • Aligning the interests of founders and investors works better for everyone. When we're all pulling the oars in the same direction, we can accomplish great things with minimal friction.
  • Higher efficiency yields higher returns. Entrepreneurship is, at its essence, about resourcefulness. Companies that achieve their goals in a resource-efficient manner provide high value to their founders and investors alike.
  • Sustainable growth is a side effect of creating real value for customers. Great companies deeply understand their customers and offer them exceptional, targeted value propositions.

Simple. Obvious, even. Yet amazing things can happen when we stay focused on the basics. And -- as every entrepreneur knows -- nothing takes more discipline than focus.

We have purposefully kept our funds small and lean in order to match the needs of our entrepreneurs. That way, we don't need to force companies to take excess capital in order to "move the needle" on returns to our funds. Like our companies, we can then remain highly focused on resourcefulness and delivering a great value proposition.