Aligned Partners invests in early-stage information technology companies. For us, "early stage" means early traction with paying customers. Our investment practice focuses on mobile- and cloud-delivered software and services that are oriented toward the enterprise. We do not invest in consumer-oriented products or services.

We specialize in funding capital-efficient companies, which we define as companies that will require $10 million or less in total venture capital funding over multiple rounds. 

We invest primarily in Series A opportunities where we are the first institutional investor. We typically invest $1 million to $3 million in an initial round and $2 million to $5 million over the lifecycle of a portfolio company. Please note that we are not seed-round investors.

We are hands-on, active investors and we usually serve as the lead investor.

Most importantly, we look for situations where we can squarely align with the founders in a meaningful, trusted relationship.